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Katukina Cumaru

Bottle, 10 Ml, 7 Gr from Brazil (SKU 3186)

(Batch #2727) Last stock. Very rare and a one of it's kind Rapé. Cumaru has a strong and powerful effect on the user. This Rapé is darker in color than most due to the ashes of the Dipteryx odorata. This snuff has a beautiful scent akin to the Tonka bean tree's' own flavor. A deeply grounding and earthing experience. More information can be read below.

Packed in 10 ml clear plastic bottles containing 7 gr.




10 ml


7 gr


max: 1


This genuine Katukina Rapé is rare. A unique and highly praized powerful Rapé from a friend in the Katukina tribe from deep inside the jungle, in a village in the Tarauaca municipality. It was blended by a Pajé elder and his son. Rapé is part of their long ancestry and in general they tend to administer this medicine to themselves daily, usually in large amounts. Its said that the Katukina commune with the spirit of the Tobacco to discover cures for their patients who travel vast distances to receive direct healing from them. Cumaru is applied mainly to cure a sickness of the body. Contains also Tabaco Corda and Moi, and ash of Tsunu tree bark.

At low doses Cumaru is still fully active and powerful. The physical and mental effects are very strong and can overwhelm the user if care is not taken. This Cumaru has a strong and powerful flavor and the eyes water immediately. Especially in the first moments. The Rapé is darker in colour than most due to the ashes of the Tonka bean tree bark and has a beautiful scent akin to the Tonka beans' own flavor. Cumaru easily finds its way into the back of the throat and purging is likely. A deeply grounding and earthing experience.

This is one of several varieties of Rapé and ashes that were collected for us. A friend who was traveling the entire South Americas in 2017 has visited many different tribes in search for knowledge and exchange of shamanic plants, ashes and Rapé snuffs. After negotiating the contributions and the purpose and goals of this exchange it resulted in a promising benefit for all involved. Over time we were presented with a unique collection of genuine ashes and Rapé's that were produced with the intention to be shared with a new and wide audience, worldwide. And to work towards a new future exchange of knowledge and medicines between cultures. This unique item is one of its kind and comes from a new collaboration between cultures far apart.

The money from this exchange was used to buy a new boat for the village, and to construct the house of the medicine for visitors, to facilitate healing ceremonies using Ayahuasca, Rapé and Kambo.

This is an extremely fine and dry powder. It takes great effort to produce such a fine powder at a 150 micron fineness. This is our standard because this provides the best Rapé experience. All our Rapé is processed to a high standard and consistent fineness and dryness, using laboratory grade sieves and dehydrating equipment, before packaging.

A wonderful and detailed article about the Katukina and our connection with them, can be found here.

Other names: Katukina, Cumaru, Catuquina, Katokina, Katukena, Katukino, Katukina, Waninawa, Katukina-Pano, Panoan, Waninnawa, Kamanawa, Kamannaua, Katukina do Juruá.

Katukina or Catuquina, Katokina, Katukena, Katukino are generic terms that are attributed to five linguistically distinct but geographically proximate indigenous groups that live in southwestern Brazil at the border of the Amazonas and Acre. The Katukina are a tribe that is very connected to the usage of sacred plants. They consider themselves as the first tribe to receive the Kambo medicine straight from the frog. They still carry a vast knowledge about plants and the spirit of the world. Their Rapé is strong and deep, and it carries the wild and powerful spirit of the jungle. 

More on the Katukina

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