Nukini Forca

Bottle, 10 Ml, 7 Gr from Brazil (SKU 3137)

Restock expected in January. Exceptional and highly praised. This is the most wanted Rapé of all times. Nukini Forca is a strong and flowery Rapé, made with love and devotion by the Nukini tribe in Acre. It carries subtle jungle smells, and is a perfect Rapé for a powerful emotional journey. Besides it’s fragrant smell and its powerful female energy, this is an ideal Rapé for finding balance on all levels: emotional, physical, and mental. After effects are thoroughly grounding. More information can be read below.

Packed in 10 ml clear plastic bottles containing 7 gr.




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One of the most popular and sought after Rapé’s we have to date. A genuine tribal Rapé, prepared with special flower ingredients from the Nukini tribe, who infuse this Rapé with their profound love and strength for all things in nature. This is the most wanted Rapé of all times. This fragrant Rapé is powerful yet subtle, deep with light forest overtones and has a grounding warmth that stays in the energy centre long after the application. Everything about the Nukini Forca warms the heart and soul, giving the user just the right amount of intensity. The after effect is extremely soothing and it feels like something has cleared from the system. Nukini forca has just the right amount of everything. Known to be a preparation by the tribes head sha-woman, the high frequency and healing properties contained within this blend can almost be found nowhere else. Feelings of deep calmness and relaxation are brought to the surface and distractions slowly fade into the distance. 

Differing from many other tribes, the Nukini charge the women with making and collecting the sacred Rapé. Therefore, the Nukini Força carries a powerful feminine energy and a pleasant and perfumed scent. Besides it’s fragrant smell and its powerful female energy, this is an ideal Rapé for finding balance on all levels: emotional, physical, and mental. Moreover, it is a strongly stimulating Rapé that provides a focused journey and feminine heart power. As with the Floresta, the Nukini Força also helps with cleaning the sinuses and head. Remembering to always get rid of the remnants once the effect has resided. It helps keep any physical purging to a minimum. Origin: Brazil, Acre.

This is an extremely fine and dry powder. It takes great effort to produce such a fine powder at a 150 micron fineness. This is our standard. All our products are processed to a high standard and consistent fineness and dryness, using laboratory grade sieves and dehydrating equipment, before packaging.

Other names: Nuquini, Nukuini

This powerfully energizing Nukini Floresta Rapé comes from the Nukini tribe that lives in Acre, Brazil and belongs to the Pano linguistic family. The Nukini tribe compromises nowadays only about 750 members, as they suffered severely during the latex circle and afterwards, where many of the tribe members were enslaved or massacred. A huge part of their culture, including their language was consecutively lost or scattered and almost the entire ethnic group disappeared (Aguiar 2012). Yet, the Nukini managed to survive by mingling with other ethnic groups and tribes; they even rebuilt a strong socio-economic structure that enables them to be in close connection with the nature that surrounds and feeds them. Moreover, opposing many traditional Amazonian tribes, the Nukini value the female tribe members for their plant knowledge and let them gather and blend Rapé plants.

More on the Nukini

de Aguiar MS (2012). Nukiní: the Language and the Self-Esteem of a People. Proceedings published:

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