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For genuine tribal Rapé you have come to the right place. Currently we are offering more than 80 varieties of Rapé from stock.

We come from a lineage of ethnobotanical collectors and providers that operate since the year 2000 and it is 10 years ago that we started collecting and researching Rapé. As a result we established Katukina.com early 2015, when Rapé was a rare underground commodity, and hardly available online. Now, 3 years onwards we proudly continue to offer our abundant variety of Rapé's, ashes and Tabaco powders from their original tribal sources in Acre, Brazil. Additionally, Kuripe and Tepi (Rapé blowpipes) and rare shamanic items such as Kambo, Sananga, Piri Piri, Dragon's Blood, Mapacho, Palo Santo and other shamanic incenses, teas, spices, and visionary art forms can be found on our website.

Our company name originates from the Katukina tribe, who inhabit the Amazonas and Acre region. This tribe is known for their connection with the Kambo frog and their traditional Rapé varieties. The Katukina carry a vast knowledge about plants, which they received from the spirit beings. In their view, every human being is driven by finding a balanced relationship with its distinct surrounding, including men, animals, and spirits. We honour the Katukina tribe as they initiated the spread of indigenous tools and knowledge into our urban areas, thereby making these rare shamanic tools possible and available.

We have close connections with tribes in the Amazon basin and we support the Apurina, Yawanawa, Katukina, Kaxinawa, Shanenawa, Shawandawa, Kallawaya, Nukini, Kuntanawa, Shipibo, Matses and many other tribes since 3 years. All tribes produce their own specific type of Rapé, of which each has a unique composition and character, and each serves a different purpose. We have established a sustainable connection with these tribes, where everyone involved benefits from the exchange. 

All our Rapè comes from Acre, Brazil, where it is considered a sacred tool. Although there are many traditions and tribes in the Amazon that use Tobacco snuff, Rapé is not sniffed, snorted or inhaled. Instead, Rapé is administered (blown) into the nostrils with a special blowpipe called "Kuripe" (self administration) or "Tepi" (another person administers).

The appearance of a Rapé is a grey- to sand coloured, very fine and dry dust. It is traditionally prepared by ceremonial pounding of Tabaco with tree ashes, followed by patiently filtering it through a fine mesh, resulting in a dust as fine as 125 micron. The varieties of Tabaco used are not the commonly known N. tabacum, but the N. rustica, such as "Corda" or "Moi" and in cases also "Mapacho". The ashes components come from the bark of a variety of medicinal or sacred trees. The production and choice of ashes and the exact composition and ratio of ingredients often remain a secret of the tribe.

Rapé is used to clear intentions and pave the way for detoxifying the body. It stimulates the nervous system and therefore enables the body to become more receptive to all levels of communication. Brain blood vessels will be dilated, leading to increased blood circulation and consequently to an increased focus and intuition. A greater universal understanding can be perceived that literally shakes the brain. Although a good blow of Rapé can be quite uncomfortable or even shocking, its process will bring one in a very grounded, mind-free state of being.

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