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We are proud to present the first project we are financing for the Katukina tribe, together with their chief. The project we are supporting is at their new Aldeia village. Click here for the translated message from Cacique Fernando Katukina, discussing the recently constructed medicine house, his visions for his people and the forest as well as his thoughts on the troubles his people face.

Six new Rapé's obtained from the chief of the Katukina tribe are now available! In our collection you can now find the following new varieties: Katukina MugulunPau Mulata, Pau Pereira, Txunu, Parica and Samauma.

Some of our most wanted Rapé varieties are now available in larger volumes. Click here to see a list of our available Rapé's in 60 ml volume pots.

Please read more about the Katukina Tribe, our updated FAQ and About Us, and the articles What is Rapé, and How to blend your own Rapé.

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