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Five new Rapé's obtained from the chief of the Katukina tribe are now available! In our collection you can now find the following new varieties: Katukina Pau Mulata, Pau Pereira, Txunu, Parica and Samauma. For more information about our collaboration with the Katukina tribe, read further.

We are proud to present the first project we are financing for the Katukina tribe, together with their chief. The project we are supporting is at their new Aldeia village. Chief Fernando Katukina is starting a new village deeper into the forest to be further from the road and all the problems it brings, such as alcohol. They have cleared a new space in the forest and are building houses for the families that are accompanying him in this new phase. The new village will be focused on preserving their traditions and staying loyal to their ancient believes. These traditions and believes are intrinsically connected to their sacred medicines.

We at Katukina.com are also doing our part. We are supplying the funds for them to build their “Medicine House”. A refuge in the native forest where they will produce their medicines such as Rapé, Sananga and Ayahuasca, and providing a space to consecrate between themselves and with visitors from afar. Updates on the progress and images will be presented here soon.

When we first made exchanges with Rapé it was through members of the Katukina tribe living deep in the forests and far apart. Out of respect and admiration we decided to name our platform Katukina.com. After many years of bringing the largest and most exclusive selection of Rapé to the world, through a twist of fate we are now starting a direct cooperation with the Katukina through the intermediary of their chief. We will be offering an exclusive selection of Rapé's from their tradition, produced by different families with knowledge of and authorization to work with the medicines of their tradition. The chief and his wife have collected these treasures from the makers and we made sure that they were duly paid for their work.

The Katukina have been known since the beginning of the spread of Rapé, being one of the first to bring this medicine to the world. With Kambo they were the very first in Brazil and they are considered of all tribes the most knowledgeable of its use. We are very honoured to support them and contribute to their courageous struggle of staying faithful to who they are and their traditions in the modern world. We want all of you to know that we can only do this because of the trust our customers have in our work and intentions. Thank you all on behalf of the Katukina tribe and ourselves.

Please read more about the Katukina Tribe, our updated FAQ and About Us, and the articles What is Rapé, and How to blend your own Rapé.

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