Tribal Rapé, Mapacho, Kambo, Sananga, Shamanic Tools & Incenses

About Us

We were established early 2015, when Rapé was still a rare and hard to find underground commodity from exclusive tribal sources. Katukina proudly offers an abundant variety of genuine Rapé from it's original and tribal sources in the South American Amazon. We specialise in Rapé, Cinza (ashes) and Tobacco powders from remote tribes in the South American Amazon. Additionally, we offer Kuripe and Tepi (Rapé blowpipes) and rare shamanic items such as Kambo, Sananga, Piri Piri, Dragon's Blood, Tobacco leaf, Mapacho, Palo Santo and other shamanic incenses, teas, spices, and visionary artforms.

Our company name Katukina originates from the homonymous tribe Katukina, who inhabit the Amazonas and Acre region, a tribe that is known for their connection with the Kambo frog and their traditional Rapé varieties. The Katukina carry a vast knowledge about plants, which they received from the spirit beings. In their view, every human being is driven by finding a balanced relationship with its distinct surrounding, including men, animals, and spirits. Moreover, we want to honour the Katukina tribe as they initiated the spread of indigenous tools and knowledge into our urban areas, thereby making these rare shamanic tools possible and available.

We obtain our Rapé and ashes from the Katukina and many other remote tribes in the Amazon basin such as the Apurina, Yawanawa, Kaxinawa, Shanenawa, Shawadawa, Kallawaya, Nukini, Kuntanawa, Apurina, Huitoto, Kanamari, Yacuna, Shipibo and Matses, who all produce their own specific kind of Rapé, of which each has a unique recipe, a different character, and each serves a different purpose. Our intention is to establish a sustainable connection with these tribes, where both the tribe and our customers will benefit from this exchange.

We look forward to being of service!