Tribal Rapé, Mapacho, Kambo, Sananga, Shamanic Tools & Incenses

About Us

We come from a lineage of ethnobotanical collectors and providers that operate since the year 2000 and it is 10 years ago that we started collecting and researching Rapé. As a result we established Katukina.com early 2015, when Rapé was a rare underground commodity, and hardly available online. Now, 3 years onwards we proudly continue to offer our abundant variety of Rapé's, ashes and Tabaco powders from their original tribal sources in Acre, Brazil. 

Our company name originates from the Katukina tribe, who inhabit the Amazonas and Acre region. We honour the Katukina tribe as they initiated the spread of indigenous tools and knowledge into our urban areas, thereby making these rare shamanic tools possible and available. We have close connections with tribes in the Amazon basin and we support the Apurina, Yawanawa, Katukina, Kaxinawa, Shanenawa, Shawandawa, Kallawaya, Nukini, Kuntanawa, Shipibo, Matses and many other tribes since 3 years. We have established a sustainable connection with these tribes, where everyone involved benefits from the exchange. More about us and our Rapé can be read on the frontpage and in the Frequently Asked Questions.