Nukini Floresta

Bottle, 10 Ml, 7 Gr from Brazil (SKU 2883)

(New batch #8100). This wonderful Rapé is for profound emotional journeying and for connecting with one´s inner spirit. Its effect is highly uplifting and deeply cleansing. The women of the Nukini are creating this sacred blend and flavor it with a pleasant and perfumed scent. The feminine energy travels deep inside any emotional blockages and brings thorough cleansing and clarity on spiritual, emotional, and physical levels. One of the new ingredients in this blend is Eucalyptus. More information below.

Packed in 10 ml clear plastic bottles containing 7 gr.




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Note that this is a new batch and can vary slightly from the previous batch.

A famously popular Rapé. Differing from many other tribes, the Nukini charge the women with making and collecting the sacred Rapé. Therefore, the Nukini Floresta carries a powerful feminine energy and a pleasant and perfumed scent. One of the new ingredients in this blend is Eucalypt. Its fragrant and flowery odours will provide a deep emotional journey and a meditative mindset that can be perfectly used for balancing and grounding. Its effect is highly uplifting and intensely cleansing: all negative energies and emotions can be washed out and a complete new balance on emotional, spiritual, and physical levels can be perceived. The physical cleansing will start with cleaning throat, sinuses, and head. Often minimal residues will be left in the back of the throat, it is important to spit out and remove all remnants once the effect has resided, as with all Rapé’s. This helps to visualise the cleansing process. If the intention is present, clarity and cleansing will continue beyond weeks or months after using Nukini Floresta.

One of the most popular and sought after Rapé’s we have to date. Origin: Brazil, Acre.

This is an extremely fine and dry Rapé powder. It takes great effort to produce such a fine powder at a 150 micron fineness. This is our standard because this provides the best Rapé experience. All our products are processed to a high standard and consistent fineness and dryness, using laboratory grade sieves and dehydrating equipment.

Reports from customers:

"...Thank you very much for this beautiful Rapé. Strong, intense, and opens the heart for beautiful inner experiences. Good to use on a multi-day process to go deep on emotional releases. Asking an intention accompanies too, but you can just let yourself be guided by the Rapé. Good advise for large doses: Have time for the experience and be calm..."

Other names: Nuquini, Nukuini

This powerfully energizing Nukini Floresta Rapé comes from the Nukini tribe that lives in Acre, Brazil and belongs to the Pano linguistic family. The Nukini tribe compromises nowadays only about 750 members, as they suffered severely during the latex circle and afterwards, where many of the tribe members were enslaved or massacred. A huge part of their culture, including their language was consecutively lost or scattered and almost the entire ethnic group disappeared (Aguiar 2012). Yet, the Nukini managed to survive by mingling with other ethnic groups and tribes; they even rebuilt a strong socio-economic structure that enables them to be in close connection with the nature that surrounds and feeds them. Moreover, opposing many traditional Amazonian tribes, the Nukini value the female tribe members for their plant knowledge and let them gather and blend Rapé plants.

More on the Nukini

de Aguiar MS (2012). Nukiní: the Language and the Self-Esteem of a People. Proceedings published:

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