Yawanawa Shaneihu

Bottle, 10 Ml, 7 Gr from Brazil (SKU 4911)

(Batch #3762) A very special Rapé. Comparable with the Rapé "Shaneihu Dieta" from the same maker. This Rapé imparts a gentle warming with the Tacaco coming through with an almost peppery sensation. It is a very calming, meditative and pleasantly persistent in effect. This Rapé was made by Shaneihu Yawanawa. He is a very talented musician and his CD Kanaro can be found here. This new batch is not made during the dieta but still is made with the correct prayers, intention and knowledge of someone initiated the proper way. More information below.

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As with most real Yawanawa Rapés the recipe is predictable: it is the classic and as some of the older members of the tribe say the only recipe that truly deserves the name Yawanawa; Tabaco and Tsunu ashes. Naturally the younger generation is more flexible in their recipes.

Where many of the Yawanawa Rapé's are made with a lot of ash and such are normally a more light grey tone this one is more yellowish, having less ash then what you see a lot, but is also not too much on the Tabaco, a very well based Rapé, with nice earthy tones in the appearance and in the effect. It is not as sharp on the sinuses and the initial hit is not as abrupt or painful as many. It imparts a gentle warming with the Tabaco coming through with an almost peppery sensation. It is a very calming, meditative and pleasantly persistent in effect. 

As the recipe is often similar what makes the character of the different Yawanawa Rapés or 'Rumã' as they call it in their language, is the energy of the one who makes it. His intention, his focus, his state of mind, the whole energy of the person is in the finished Rapé. That’s why it is important that the maker is dedicated to the spirituality of his people and he never looses sight that he is making Rapé for others to heal themselves or connect to their spirituality. 

Shaneihu Yawanawa lives in the village Yawarani in the tribal lands on the Gregorio River in Acre, Brazil, the Yawanawa territory. His stepfather named the village and was after his grandfather one of the last two medicine men from the old days. Yawa and Tata who both passed away in the last few years, Yawa living till a respectable 105 years of age. Shaneihu did his "Muka" diet with Yawa, probably being the last person that did this one year initiation diet with the old man. The last batch of his Rapé, or Rumã as the Yawanawa call the medicine (Yawanawa Shaneihu Dieta) was made during the diet and like that got its name. His diet ended already some time ago and so this new batch is not made during the diet but still is made with the correct prayers, intention and knowledge of someone initiated the proper way.

Shaneihu is mostly known for his musical qualities, he has a beautiful CD called Kanaro. All song are in the Yawanana Pano language. A man of many talents.

This is an extremely fine powder, creamy to the touch. It takes great effort to produce such a fine powder, entirely void of stems, veins, grains and bits, and at a 150 micron fineness. This is our standard. All of our Rapé varieties, be it a genuinely tribal Rapé, Cinza (ashes), or Tabaco powder, we process this to a high standard and consistent fineness, using laboratory grade sieves and milling equipment. The finest powdered Rapé's produce the best experience!

Other names: Tsunu, Rumá

The Yawanawá, or the tribe of the white-lipped peccary, are a small tribe of 1,300 people, living remotely in only a few villages along the Gregório River. They are known as warriors, as they always keep on fighting, even in hard times. At some point in history their tribe was almost extinct, with only about 300 members left. Nowadays their tribe has grown again, and their traditions and knowledge have been conserved in a very strict way. The Yawanawá were the first tribe that initiated a woman to become a shaman, setting a huge example in the history of shamans. In their language Rapé is called Rume and the Yawanawá preferably blend Rume with Tsunu ashes and Mapacho, which gives this special blend a very refined taste. In addition, Tsunu is used for healing purposes and has a supportive role during Ayahuasca ceremonies.

More information on the Yawanawa, click here.

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