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Shaman Pipe Jungle Birds

Arara from Brazil (SKU 3789)

Traditional Arara ‘Totem’ pipe. Composed of two pieces, the hardwood base/bowl in the form of a Arara head (feathers detailed with burnt etching) and the pipe tube is made from a section of thin bamboo bound in cord. Beautifully carved by our friend in the Kuntanawa tribe. This is a work of art.

These Totem Pipes are made by our friend from the Kuntanawa, they are traditional pipes from the region used by different tribes in ceremony.  They are composed of 2 pieces, the beautifully carved solid hardwood base/bowl of the pipe which takes the forms of a birds head (feathers are detailed with burnt etching) and the pipe tube made from a thin section of bamboo and bound with cord. The two pieces come separately and can be joined together for use.

These pipes in general are only used when smoking Mapacho in ceremony or prayer. They are made with different animals that are considered totems, also other shapes can be used. Normally when smoking, one first blows the smoke on their own body to smudge, following a certain order, it can also be blown on others or on objects to clean them. Smoke is a vehicle to carry the prayers where they have to go.