Shoyeido - Daily Incense

Kinkaku (Golden Pavilion) from Japan (SKU 4614)

This recipe containing sandalwood, patchouli and cinnamon was inspired by the spectacular Kinkaku-ji temple's reflection in Kyoko-chi pond. If you prefer incense that is a bit more on the earthy/spicy side without sacrificing the traditional subtlety of Japanese incense, Golden Pavilion fits the bill.

Ingredients: Sandalwood, Cinnamon, Patchouli. Approximately 35 sticks per bundle. Weight 18g. Length 22 cm. Approximate burning time 50 minutes per stick.

Shoyeido Incense Company has been making incense in Kyoto, Japan for over 300 years. They are considered amongst the best incense creators on earth. Shoyeido's blending process is an art form. Highly trained "masters" draw upon centuries-old secrets to create masterworks of fragrance. These artisans carefully process the quality, balance, and ratio of every hand-selected natural ingredient. The slightest variation in amount or quality of any component can dramatically influence the outcome. Only the finest raw materials are used. The results are remarkable, subtle scents that beckon us to use all of our senses — what the Japanese call mon-koh, or "listening to incense."

Shoyeido Daily series are the perfect incense for savoring anytime - casual enough for everyday use, but with a level of refinement that makes them appropriate for special occasions, too.

The Daily series consists of 9 wonderful fragrances; Seifo (Fresh Breeze), Enmei (Circle), Hakun (White Cloud), Gozan (Five Hills), Kyozakura (Kyoto Cherry Blossoms), Kinkaku (Golden Pavillion), Kyonishiki (Kyoto Autumn Leaves), Hoyei koh (Eternal Treasure), Daigen koh (Great Origin).

No synthetic oils or fragrances. No animal ingredients or testing.  For more detailed product information see item form description.

Over 1,400 years ago, a large piece of fragrant driftwood washed ashore on the tiny Japanese island of Awaji. Realizing the uniqueness of the marvelous fragrance emanating from the wood, island locals presented it as a gift to the Empress Suiko. With this gift of precious agarwood began a new era of refinement of — and appreciation for — the enjoyment of fragrance. 

In the early 18th century, Rokubei Moritsune Hata began incorporating incense-making techniques he learned as an employee of Kyoto's Imperial Palace. He would eventually introduce a new world of scent to an audience beyond the realm of royalty. 
Twelve generations later, the Hata family continue to create an amazing array of fragrances. Shoyeido incense is considered the highest quality, most natural incense available on Earth.