Aromatherapy Pendant Bronze Metal

Steampunk from China (SKU 3562)

Steam punk aromatherapy pendant that is an intricate essential oil diffuser pendant as a gift or to spoil yourself with a different aromatic experience as you please. Drop your favourite essential oil on the cotton insert in the pendant. Supplied with a set of interchangeable inserts, simply change the insert to change the fragrance. Whether you use essential oils for their health or emotional benefits or simply like to smell amazing aromas during the day, the unusual locket style pendant necklace can be matched to any outfit, as the inserts come in a variety of colours. Insert colours are selected at random and may vary to the displayed item. Supplied with a chain with a lobster clasp.

Pendant diameter: 30 mm. Pendant thickness: 8 mm. Chain Closure: Lobster Clasp. Chain and Locket Material: Metal alloy. Colour: Bronze

Pendants that can hold a few drops of perfume oil, aromatic oil, essentail oil or liquid resins of aromatic plants. They have a lid that opens, and inside is a cotton pad, on which perfume oils can be dropped.

These are very well designed and produced bronze coloured metal pendants. They come with a chain- or ball-chain cord, and 3 extra cotton pads, allowing changing the pad to use with another aroma.

With this pendant, one can use a range of aromatic oils and perfumes. Also those that would not be suitable to use on the skin, such as liquid resins or other sticky aromatic substances.

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