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Rapé Collector's Sets 25 ml

Set Of 4 Kaxinawa, 1, 4 X 25 Ml from Brazil (SKU 4258)

This set offers 4 Rapé's from the Kaxinawa tribe, for the collector and connoisseur and for those that want the opportunity to try the 4 best Rapé's from the Kaxinawa, with a discount. In this set you will find Kaxinawa Forca, Kaxinawa Huni Kuin, Kaxinawa Verde and Kaxinawa Special. For a detailed list of the above Rapé's that are contained in this set, click here. 

This set consists of 4 bottles of 25 ml. You save approximately 8% by buying this as a set.

Katukina now offers collector's sets and giftpacks of some of the most popular and famous Rapé's from the present and the past. We have collected old style Rapé's from our early days and sets of famous ones that are by now sold out, saved for the collectors and connoisseurs among our customers.

The sets come in a variety of combinations, and are all only limitedly available. Some are exclusive sets with very rare and sold out Rapé's, some sets are a combination of Rapé and ashes to blend your own Rapé, some are sets of Rapé from one tribe only, etcetera.

If you are into creating Rapé or finetuning your own Rapé, a detailed description on how to blend your own Rapé, can be found here.

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