Sananga DIY tool set

50 Ml, Plastic from Netherlands (SKU 4492)

Sananga DIY tool set, 50 ml. All the required equipment to produce and store your own Sananga eye drops. This tool set includes: Precision pipette, plastic funnel, filter papers, 4 bottles 50 ml, 5 dropper bottles 5 ml, and gripseal bags in 2 sizes. Photo-illustrated and detailed instructions will be provided after we shipped your order. More information about the kit, read below.

With this kit, and one of the available varieties of Sananga rootbark (sold separately) you can make 50 - 100 ml Sananga drops.


50 ml




max: 1

Sananga DIY tool set, 50 ml. All the required equipment to produce and store your own Sananga eye drops. This tool set includes: 1 precision pipette, 1 plastic PE funnel (50mm), 1 bag filter papers, 2 bottles 50 ml white HDPE, 2 bottles 50 ml clear PET, 5 dropper bottles 5 ml LDPE , 5 small gripseal bags and 5 large gripseal bags. 

With this kit, and one of the availailable varieties of Sananga rootbark you can make upto 100 ml Sananga drops. And of course the kit can be reused many times.

Photo-illustrated instructions how to use this kit will be emailed to you once we have shipped your order.

To clean your equipment for later reuse, work as follows:
All parts (except the transparent PET bottles) can be sterilised by shortly boiling in water. PET does not withstand boiling temperatures. They must be rinsed with hot water, and to sterilise them rinsed with pure alcohol.

This item is not allowed in the following countries:

Belarus, Georgia

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