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Katukina, Mild, 5 Ml from Brazil (SKU 4866)

Advanced Tech Sananga drops, variety "mild", for the novice and newcomer of Sananga. Made using an advanced technique that has evolved from continued research and development. This technique utilises a concentrated 'Sananga essence' that we dilute into 4 different strengths. The bottles were sterilized after packing and do not need refrigeration. However after opening the bottle, it must be stored in the fridge. For detailed information about Sananga click here. More information below.

Packed in 5 ml clear glass bottles with pipette dropper.

Our pre-bottled "Advanced Tech" Sananga is made using an advanced technique that has evolved from continued research and development over the last few years of making and offering Sananga. This technique utilizes a concentrated "20:1 Sananga essence" that we dilute into 4 different strengths. We now offer this in 5 ml clear glass dropperbottles.

For more information on the 20:1 Sananga essence and the kits to prepare your own drops, click here.

Sananga is made from a potent rootbark and bark of the Tabernaemontana undulata shrub, a "Milkwood" species in the family Apocynaceae. This sacred and potent medicine is used for healing physical and spiritual ailments, by clearing the mind of distractive energies and allowing for a complete new way of perceiving and focusing.

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For detailed information about Sananga click here.

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Sananga insight:
A customer reported to me that he tried Sananga eye drops. And his comment was: "It didn't work. All I had was extreme pain and nothing else, so it didn't work". So I explained him the effects of Sananga and the benefits of the pain:​

"It seemed to have worked perfectly. The pain of the Sananga allows the healing. If it doesn't hurt, you won't achieve that process. The pain allows you to ground and balance. The first times it may cause suffering and drama but when you understand what to do with it you can achieve a state of zen and fearlessness. And it will be easy. Take the pain without drama. And at some point you will be able to take Sananga the moment you think about it. Without any hesitation or doubt or fear for whats coming. And then you drop it in the eyes, and you just allow what happens. Go in the process without any expression. Be calm, breathe, take the pain but don't let it cause despair. Sit up straight, roll your eyeballs and don't show anything of your inner struggle. You can channel all that pain into power, immediately. And the benefits afterwards are not only fearlessness. It rids you of drama, irritation, pain, fear, anger. And it has beneficial effects on your eyes, it takes the accumulated dirt away from your lens, and also from the back of your eyes. ​You will have better focus, both visually and mentally. You will "see" things better. Sananga can make you a warrior, and 15 minutes after the experience, up to days after, and in some cases permanently, you have determination to achieve anything, and you will not be hindered by negative emotions any more. If you can deal with Sananga you can deal with every day life much better, especially in situations where you are challenged to fall into negative emotions, drama, fear or anger."

Customer report:
"...My first encounter with Sananga, was at the end of a ceremony and after having received my first rapé. My friend and experienced guide told me : 'oh, I only have my extreme Sananga bottle in my medicine box, so that is what we'll do'. Wow. This was strong. Extreme. Such intense pain. Even after + 10 minutes, it wasn't easy to open my eyes. But it felt so refreshing, especially in terms of learning how to surrender and let go of all resistance. When I went outside my yurt afterward, I noticed my eyesight was better and improved - at least a bit. At least, my eyes felt different, even more so in combination with the Nukini Yemanja rapé I received before Sananga.

During the night, I had a vivid dream. I saw an owl, and his eyes were covered with hard skin, which made it almost impossible for the owl to look clearly. For me, it was clear the Spirit of Sananga gave me a clear message. The owl symbolized my intuition, and the worn skin over the eyes, my clouded ability to connect to my inner wisdom - and to see clearly. This, in combination with other synchronicities, made me commit to a 21-day Sananga diet (medium - not extreme). I also received some guidance from my friend/practitioner, which was helpful whenever I had questions or concerns about the process & my integration.

During my daily ceremonies, I always first self-administered a gentle Nukini Yemanja rapé, and a bit afterward, one drop medium Sananga in every eye. Over 21 days, I could notice my ability to gradually soften into it more and more, up to the point where I was more or less 100% able to let all resistance go and allow the medicine to do its work. I felt when I could relax my eyes and all surrounding micro-muscles and tissues completely, only then the medicine was able to enter my body & being - and share its deeper wisdom & benefits. Sometimes I was in pain, and I started crying, sometimes I dropped gradually into surrendering more, and every time it was an inspiring experience. Especially in the beginning, I was not always looking forward to hurting my eyes willfully :-) and go through this experience, but since I did commit to a 21-day diet - I just did it. And over time, I started looking forward to these sessions and opening up the pathways towards my innate intuition.

After +/- 10 days, I noticed a remarkable improvement in my eyesight. Have you ever experience a lucid dream where all colors seem to vibrate so much more than in our 3D reality? Have you ever played with the 'saturation' and 'contrast' sliders on your computer screen or as a filter with your digital photographs? Well, it seemed as if I could gradually see more and more depth, more contrast, more precision, more color saturation,... I literally could not believe my eyes. After 14 days or so it was as if I saw for the first time - colors, depth,... as I've never seen before. I cannot describe this in words - and I thought I had good eyes :-) but now I was learning to see again. It felt as if some kind of old skin, a veil, was lifted, gradually, day by day, from my eyes. My eyes regenerated themselves until an extend I never held possible. After 21 days, it felt, quite literally, as if I had received a new pair of eyes. Utterly unique, and this is an understatement.

I understand now, in the same way, the skin hardens on the palms of our hands and the sole of our feet, the soft skin/layers of our eyes also hardens, day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year... gradually, without us hardly noticing it. And they degenerate, bit by bit - unless we give them proper care & rest. Sananga can help us to, drop by drop, shed off old skin of the eyes - and renew. Sure, it is not only physical - even more so energetical. I often experienced moments of revelation, where I suddenly saw things clearly - especially in terms of projecting my own unresolved issues upon others and the universe. I am you, and you are me. Or I immediately 'saw' the solution of my question/intention of that specific ceremony. So many teachings, too many lessons. What a journey it was, these 21-days. Honestly, beyond my belief, but sure, I believe it now because I have experienced it :-)

Some possible valuable tips if you want to deepen your Sananga work:

If you feel like doing a deep-dive, consider doing it during the evening before going to bed. Because in my experience, the eyes may need some rest afterward, specially if you are doing it several days/weeks in a row. Suppose you put your eyes immediately to work again - by absorbing & processing daylight and tons of other information. In that case, I feel this may interrupt the deep healing work of Sananga, and it's medicinal benefits. And if you do Sananga in a room/place with light (even when it is subtle), consider wearing an eye-mask, or cover your eyes with something else after receiving Sananga. When I did this, it was far easier to relax and dissolve all resistance. And lastly, I feel it also helps to share your experience with someone you trust and possibly has (more) experience with Sananga..."

Although Sananga is said to contain Ibogaine alkaloids there is actually little evidence to suggest this is in fact true. Tabernaemontanta is not actually a genus but a "sub-family", and therefore also classified  as "Tabernaemontanoidae". McKenna reports that only some of the several dozen or so plants in this sub family contain ibogaine, others like ‘undulata' may only have analgesic or sedative properties.

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