5387 Set of 5 - 25ml bottles ( 5 Katukina)

Katukina Eucalypto
Katukina Eucalypto is made using ashes from the Pau Pereira tree that helps give protection and strength to the overall system. The addition of a subtle amount of Eucalyptus ashes gives this Rapè a clean and clearing aroma and effect. It has a variety of subtle effects with minimal residue making its way downwards into the throat. Hardly any eye watering is noticed and the after effects are relaxed and reflective mentally, as well as the protective feeling of the body from the Pau Pereira which provides a strong grounding and steady centre. You can find the item here.

Katukina Mugulun
This sandy grey Rapè is a creation of the family of chief Fernando of the Katukina. It is made with the seeds and ashes of the Mugulun tree (Mulungu). It is a great choice for a user that is looking for something more relaxing than intense. It gently tunes one into a more receptive state and doesn't overwhelm one physically leaving the user capable of movement and activity. A great Rapè to use before conversing with others as it opens the heart and clears the mind. You can find the item here.

Katukina Samauma
Samauma is considered as the mother of all trees and is called "Queen of the Forest". Local people believe that it possesses magical powers, protecting the other trees and the inhabitants of the forest. Some say that Samauma is the abode of spirits that live in the woods. It is also popularly known as "Tree of Life" and "Ladder of Heaven," connecting Heaven and Earth. For these reasons, this is a Rapé that can bring a very strong spiritual connection and protection. You can find this item here.

Katukina Tsunu Nissural
This wonderful Katukina Tsunu Nissural has a distinctive aroma of ancient earth. It has a sandy, light brown hue. An exceptional blend from the Katukina. A subtle but powerful mix of Moi and the stronger variety of Corda Tabaco along with Tsunu ashes that heighten the cerebral state of the user and gently awaken the mental faculties from any dreamy state or lack of concentration. Said to be good for headaches and clearing negative energies. Many blends tend to leave the user in a relaxed mental state whereas The Nissural activates the thoughts substantially. You can find this item here.

Katukina Txunu
Txunu has a wonderful subtle effect that brings distractions in the forefront of ones mind to an instant calm. It has a deeply meditative feel to it even though the first moments can be quite sharp and lifting. This only lasts for a few moments before the calmness reaches the entire system. Darker than most grey types this Rapé has its own feel and distinct flavour. Perfect for general shamanic use and in area’s where concentration and calmness is needed. You can find this item here.

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