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Orbs Focus Blend

Bottle With Pipette, Tincture, 30 Ml from New Zealand (SKU 3855)

Focus Blend was created to help increase learning abilities and increase memory recall. More information below.

Packed in Miron Glass bottles with pipette dropper, containing 30 ml.

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Focus Blend was created to help increase learning abilities and increase memory recall.

Panax ginseng has a history of herbal use going back over 5,000 years. It is one of the most highly regarded of herbal medicines in the Orient, where it has gained an almost magical reputation for being able to promote health, general body vigour and also to prolong life. It has been listed by many as useful in the treatment of anemia, cancer, depression, diabetes, fatigue, hypertension, insomnia, shock, effects of radiation, effects of morphine and cocaine use, environmental, physical and mental stress, and chronic illness. It has been said to act as a stimulant, promote endurance, increase life expectancy, relax the nervous system, improve mental awareness, encourage proper hormonal functions, improve lipid levels, lower cholesterol, improve nerve growth, and increase resistance to disease.A combination of Panax ginseng and Gingko biloba is believed to boost memory and thinking processes. 

Ginkgo biloba can facilitate better blood flow through out the body, most notably the brain, where it both protects and promotes memory and mental function, even for people with Alzheimer's disease. It is said to be effective in improving the blood flow to the hands and the feet as well as stimulating the brain and reducing short-term memory loss. It increases blood flow to the brain, the uptake of glucose by brain cells, and has been said to improve the transmission of nerve signals.

Vinca minor contains Vincamine. This is known to facilitate cerebral metabolism by improving blood flow to the brain, boosting brain cell ATP production, and increasing utilization of glucose and oxygen by neurons. Also Vinpocetine a derivative of Vincamine works by increasing the synthesis of ATP in the brain and by increasing the utilization of oxygen. Vinpocetine also enhances the synthesis of some neurotransmitters that influence critical brain functions such as mood, focus, and memory recall.

Centella asiatica is a rejuvenative nervine recommended as an aid to intelligence and memory. It strengthens the adrenal glands while cleansing the blood to treat skin impurities. It is said to combat stress and depression, energize flagging mental powers, increase libido, ward off a nervous breakdown and improve reflexes. It energizes the central nervous system and rebuilds energy reserves.

Other names: Mental Boost

The 10ml Miron bottle is considered to be a starting point to experience this tincture blend before commiting to the larger size (full course) of 30mls or 50mls. It is also handy for travelling when to many large bottles can become heavy and cumbersome.

Generally these tinctures should be taken over a full month to 3 months to benifit completely from the healing properties of the ingredients contained herewith.

Panax ginseng (Ginseng), Ginko biloba (Gingko), Vinca minor (Periwinkel), Centella asiatica (Gotu kola), 72% Bio Alc, Purified water.

10-15 Drops under the tongue, in hot water or a herbal tea infusion 10-20 mins before concentrating on your desired subject.

These tinctures should not be used with other depressants, such as ethanol, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, opiates, kava, or antihistamine drugs.

Do not use if pregnant or breast feading.

This natural product is offered for its ethnographic and historical value and is delivered with no expressed or implied fitness for a specific purpose. It is simply a raw botanical specimen, or a scientific sample. The information provided is purely meant for historical, scientific and educational purposes and should never be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific use. The use and application of our product is at the customer's decision, responsibility and risk.
Read our Terms & Conditions for more details.

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