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Sacred Incense - Alucema

Alucema, Flowers, Powder, 15 Gr from Peru (SKU 3830)

Hyptis mutabilis is also known as Tropical Bushmint and native to tropical America. Hyptis mutabilis contains various essential oils and can be used as a refreshing incense. It has an intensely Mint and Lavender like fragrance, and is very suitable for dream pillows or amulets. A powerful and upliftig high note in any incense blend.

Packed in 60 ml clear plastic pots containing 15 grams finely powdered flowers.








15 gr


max: 1


Sacred Incenses. We offer a unique collection of the rarest plants that are used as an incense for ceremonial purposes or healing. A carefully selected range of the finest incense herbs, woods, resins and incense mixtures from around the world.

Our packaging is small, and the textures of our incenses and blends are very fine. They come in the form of powder, fine grained cut and sifted grains of leaves, flowers, wood or resin. This fine-ness allows for precise blending of your personal mixtures, and allows for subtle application in a small and dedicated setting. This collection offers a great palette of fragrances to create a beautiful setting for an inner journey or ceremony.

Other names: Hypos nutabilis (Rich.) Brig. (Lamiaceae). Common name: tropical bushmint, alfavacao, alfavaca, sambacuite, alfvaca-de-caboclo, sambaite, bamburral and manjericao (Brazil), albahaquilla (Peru).

There is a significant chemical variation in the oil obtained from the leaves and fine stems of Hyptis mutabilis depending on geographical location. A specimen collected in Peru was found to be rich in (E)- and (Z)-methyl cinnamate. Other components found in different specimen include thymol, p-cyl-nene, gamma-terpinene, delta-3-carene, terpinolene, globulol, 0caryophyllene, 1,8-cineole and bicyclogermacrene. (1)

This is a natural product, used as incense or in perfumery, or as an ingredient of incense and other perfumery or potpourri preparations.
Some incense plants or products may have some history of other folklore purposes, but we offer this product for its use as incense. Not food grade, not for consumption.

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