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Pot, Clear, 60 Ml, PET from United Kingdom (SKU 2872)

Small clear PET pot with black screwtop, maximum capacity 60 ml. Diameter 45 mm, height 60 mm. Suitable for powders, resins, oils and liquids. 

Small and large clear PET pots with black screwtop, suitable for powders, resins, oils and liquids.

Please Recycle Our Packaging Materials
The bottles are made from synthetic material (PET). We realise that such material is not friendly to the environment when produced or disposed of, yet they serve as a best medium to safely preserve and professionally pack exclusive products. We can guarantee that the pots will last forever and we hope you will recycle them.

PET does not withstand high temperatures, and can therefore not be sterilized in hot water. Instead you can wash them with warm water and soap or rinse them with cleaning alcohol.