Life Tonics - Bee Bread

Hexagons, 100 Ml, 65 Gr from Sweden (SKU 4652)

100% raw organic Bee Bread from Fjäll Björken Bee apiary. Bee Bread enhances general health and immune resistance and is a source of protein, amino acids and other nutritional compounds. Keep in a cold and dark place. A little amount is easy to take with you every day! Unopened packages must be kept cold. (max. 1 year). Detailed information can be foiund below.

Packed in 100 ml miron glass jars containing 65 gr.




100 ml


65 gr


max: 1

In the wild, Bee Bread is in fact Bee Pollen preserved with a honey enzymatic mixture placed and tamped in the honeycomb by the bees and has undergone lactic fermentation. Each grain or 'unit' of Bee Bread is hexagonal, taking its shape from the honeycomb it was formed in. It is is one of the oldest known dietary supplements in the world. Norse tribes, Arabian nomads and Jesuits all knew about the rejuvenating power of Bee bread. 

Bee Bread contains about 20% proteins, 24-34% carbohydrates and 1,5% of lipids. It has a large variety of minerals and has high quantities of iron, cobalt, phosphorus, calcium. It is one of the richest natural foods containing selenium. Bee bread is also an excellent source of potassium and B-group vitamins. It is a natural nourishing supplement rich in phytohormones, flavonoids, and other active biological compounds, with a bioavailability at least three times more than found with regular bee pollen. Bee bread contains a large amount of essential amino acids predigested for easy assimilation in the ratio the body needs. Its properties are anti-anaemic factor and antiseptic. Bee Bread enhances general health and immune resistance and is a complete nutritional source, all what is needed for the human organism to survive. For these reasons Bee Bread could be found in many weight loss diets.

Storage: Keep in a cold and dark place. A little amount is easy to take with you every day! Once opened packages must be kept cold. (maximum 1 year)

Our new range of 'Life Tonics' is a collection of extracts, tinctures and substances of some of the most powerful and life enhancing herbs and compounds currently available.  Designed to improve both physical and mental energy with potent life enhancing nutrients.  The herbs are wild harvested in an eco friendly manner during the right seasons and from their indigenous locations. The herbs are extracted during the peak potency of the plants strength and growth cycle.

Ingredients: 100% organic Bee bread from Fjäll Björken Bee apiary. Composition of Bee Bread: Minerals: 2.43% Proteins: 22% Fats: 1.6% Vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12, C, PP, E, D, K, H

At first use, open the lid, remove the white seal and discard it. After use, close the lid tightly. Usage: Use the measuring scoop to extract a dosage from the container and close it immediately, as the extracts are hygroscopic and absorb humidity from the air. Storage: Keep in a cool and dry place. Opened packages must be kept cold. (The shelf life is approximately 1 year)

How to take: 1 teaspoon (7-8 units) for adults or 0.5 teaspoon (3-4 units) for child portions 1-2 times a day, 20 minutes prior to meals. It is recommended to use pollen on an empty stomach in the morning and before sleeping by slowly sucking and waiting at least half hour before drinking liquids so as to not dilute your precious pollen. 

Recommended is to use the Life Tonics extracts daily in measured dosages (500 mg) daily, rather than high doses infrequently.

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