5385 Set of 5 - 10ml bottles (5 Yawanawa)

Yawanawa Moy
Yawanawà Moy is a strong and powerful Tsunu type Rapé. "Tabaco de Moi" and Tsunu ashes are the basis of this particular blend. Moi, or Moy belongs to the species of Nicotiana rustica. It is very similar to Mapacho, while the Tabaco de Moy is stronger and darker. As with all Yawanawà Rapè smaller doses are advised due to the strong effects. This blend has its own particular flavour and scent, exuding warrior energy and powerful focus upon the user. You can find this item here.

Yawanawa Grey
A typically Grey Rapé with a powerful initial effect that takes a few minutes to stabilise from. Very comfortable overall. Yawanawá Grey has a typically uplifting and clearing frequency. Subtly powerful and a favourite amongst regular users of traditional Rapé blends. You can find this item here.

Yawanawa Kapakuru
This Yawanawa Rapé is named after its creator. Kapakuru is a member of the Aldeia (village) of Nova Esperanza in the Yawanawà tribal lands where he works as a school teacher. Kapakuru follows the basic Yawanawà recipe of Tabaco and ashes made from the bark of the Tsunu tree. This fine Rapé can be considered reasonably powerful and has strong expelling properties. in some cases sneezing can be expected. You can find this item here.

Yawanawa Parika
This is a highly praised Rapé called Yawanawa Parika. Made by a non-tribal shaman. All the ingredients have been collected from the indigenous themselves, yet they have been prepared by a close friend who visits the indigenous Yawanawá tribe peoples frequently. This Rapé is what you’d expect from a traditional grey Rapé, yet full of force. It hits like a needle in the centre of perception with surgical precision, eliminating all mind activity. Extremely high vibrational and helps with clearing of negative and stuck energies in the body and mind. You can find this item here.

Yawanawa Peu
This Rapé is the basic Yawanawá Rapé made with Corda Tabaco and Tsunu ashes. It is for us the perfect blend of ashes and Tabaco, non fragrant or spicy and 'clean' in its flavour due to the ash content. It's initial effects upon application are a powerful yet contained explosion in the sinuses and being of the user. Strong! This quickly dissipates, immediate eye watering follows and then a persistent calming of thoughts and awareness of the body becomes prominent. Little to no Rapè is transported to the back of the throat. You can find this item here.

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