5316 Set of 4 - 25 ml bottles (4 Katukina)

Katukina Cumaru Grey
This tribal Rapè from the Katukina is similar to Katukina Cumaru, though this one is much more grey in appearance and effect. It contains ashes from Cumaru bark (Dipteryx odorata). Cumaru is also known as the Tonka bean tree and has a long tradition of being used as a flavourful ingredient in snuffs, sweets, and foods. Not much information came with this rare and genuine Rapé. You can find this item here.

Katukina Parica Cumaru
Much like other Cumaru varietes this blend is extremely strong. It has a dark sandy colour and a fantastic aroma. Once the immediate intensity drops away one feels deeply relaxed and in a calm state of being for many hours. The first moments can be extremely intense and some purging and a lot of sneezing is possible. Overall the experience is very comforting and after such an intense start it completely shakes away any and all background chatter and helps calms the mind. You can find this item here.

Katukina Pau Pereira
This Rapè from the Katukina is light brown and very fine and is indicated for meditation or the discharge of energies. Previous Pau Pereira preparations have become known as some of the strongest and most consistent available. This blend from the Katukina is no less powerful. Immediate eye watering and overwhelming effects run throughout the course of the application. From the first until the last moment it continues to do its healing. You can find this item here.

Katukina Samauma
Samauma is considered as the mother of all trees and is called "Queen of the Forest". Local people believe that it possesses magical powers, protecting the other trees and the inhabitants of the forest. Some say that Samauma is the abode of spirits that live in the woods. It is also popularly known as "Tree of Life" and "Ladder of Heaven," connecting Heaven and Earth. For these reasons, this is a Rapé that can bring a very strong spiritual connection and protection. You can find this item here.

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