Tiger Balm

Jar, 18 Gr from China (SKU 5431)

Tiger Balm is favored by Rapé users for its ability to clear sinuses and improve breathing by opening up the airways. Many find it particularly effective before bedtime. Some users have noted that they experience dry or blocked noses during sleep, and applying a small amount of Tiger Balm inside the nose can provide relief. Additionally, Tiger Balm promotes blood flow to the muscles, providing a cooling and warming sensation simultaneously.

Red Tigerbalm, in glass hexagon jar, diameter 38 mm, height 36 mm, containing 18,4 gram.




18 gr


max: 3

Tiger Balm and Sikura Mentol Extra Fuerte muscle ointment are popular among users of Rapé. They are used to clear sinuses and improve breathing, especially before sleep. Some users find that a small amount rubbed inside the nose helps with dryness or blockage during sleep. Additionally, these products can promote blood flow to muscles and provide relief for muscular aches, itching from insect bites, and congestion. Both products are made with high-quality standards and contain active ingredients like menthol and camphor, known for their cooling and pain-relieving properties. It's important to use them externally only and avoid contact with eyes and mouth.Sikura Mentol Extra Fuerte muscle ointment is made according the principles of traditional Chinese medicine.

Sikura Mentol Extra Fuerte muscle ointment can also be applied as a chest rub to ease chest congestion and alleviate coughs resulting from the flu or common cold. It's also beneficial for providing relief from injuries, rheumatism, myodynia, and sprains.

Prepared with high quality standards. Active ingredients: Menthol and Camphor. Menthol is made from the extracts of mint oil. Menthol provides a cooling sensation when applied to the skin. Camphor is a mild pain reliever.  Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. Only for external use.

Camphor, Menthol, Cajaput oil, Pepermint oil, Clove oil, Cassia oil, NH Solution, Wax & Petrolium.

Camphor increases local blood flow and is a counterirritant, which reduces pain and swelling. It provides temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches and pains caused by strains, sprains, bruises, arthritis, and simple backaches.

Menthol causes an initial sensation of coolness that is soon followed by a sensation of warmth. It helps temporarily relieve minor pains, including those caused by arthritis, backaches, bruising, cramps, muscle strains or sprains, and tendonitis.

Cajaput oil is well known for its use in relieving respiratory congestion associated with colds and flu.

Clove oil, is an essential oil extracted from the clove plant, Syzygium aromaticum. Clove oil is commonly used in aromatherapy. Clove oil is widely used as a natural analgesic.

Cassia oil (cinnamon) provides a soothing aroma, as well as this ointment's familiar reddish-brown color. More importantly, the herbal blend helps to relieve joint and muscle pain and soothe tired muscles. It can be used during warm up before exercise or to ease soreness after working out.

Cajuput, Cassia, and Clove oils are believed to be counterirritants like Menthol and Camphor, except they can simulate heat as well as cold.

For external use only. 
Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
Do not apply to wounds, damaged or irritated skin.
Do not bandage or cover with wrap or use heating pad.
Do not use 1 hour prior to bathing or 30 minutes after bathing.

Stop use and ask a doctor if:
Condition worsens.
Severe skin irritation occurs.
Pain persists for more than 7 days.
Pain clears up and then recurs a few days later.
This product may cause allergic reaction in some individuals.
Test on small area before use.

This natural product is offered for its ethnographic and historical value and is delivered with no expressed or implied fitness for a specific purpose. It is simply a raw botanical specimen, or a scientific sample. The information provided is purely meant for historical, scientific and educational purposes and should never be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific use. The use and application of our product is at the customer's decision, responsibility and risk.
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