How to Make Tabaco or Rapé Juice

How to make Mapacho or Rapé Juice

We soak the material (Rapé, Mapacho shreds (powder is better), or a blend of all above) for many months in a bucket or pot. Fully soaked in 10:1 water - ethanol (meaning 10% alcohol, to avoid fermentation and mold) and we add as much of this liquid to the powder that it becomes a thick saturated mud. After all this time soaking and occasional stirring, we add 1 part 1:1 of water to the mud, boil it, and filter it. This is the most difficult part, as coffeefilters dont have the fineness to make the final fluid entirely void of particles and sediment. After filtering the finest particles out we add again a 8-10% alcohol to the filtered brew (our preferred way to preserve it) and allow this to settle for many weeks, in clear glass bottles, to allow any residue to settle, and to be removed: Simply poor off the liquid and leave the settled residue in the bottle. Use clear glass bottles to see what you are doing when "decanting" your settled liquid. This entire process is an art in itself.

Yet, the easiest way to make a Mapacho juice, is to soak a bit of leaf into hot water, and after an hour squeeze the juice out of the leaf, and sniff the juice from the palm of your hand.

However the spray method that we introduce, work the juice up to the right spot very comfortably.