The Power of Intention

Your Intention is The Medicine

A ceremony often involves tools, like Rapé, yet these tools are merely catalyzers of your powerful focus and your intention that you are surrendering to. Even though, some of the traditional and neo style Rapé varieties are charged with a powerful intention, this is not necessarily the limit of their purpose. It is up to to the setting and to the individual to define and experience the realm of an intention during a ceremony.

The specific type of Rapé or the specific plant used is secondary. Rapé acts as a vessel for your personal intention and it also catalyzes the defined intent. The set and setting, the moment, and the person with whom you share this divine medicine play a crucial role. Therefore, it is essential for the giver (the one who blows the Rapé) to fully intend that the receiver (the one who receives a Rapé blow) achieves his goal, i.e. that the receiver is able to surrender to his intention. Similarly, the receiver needs to aim his mind on his intention and clearly define and experience his core area that needs healing. It is a very short and powerful ceremony of love and gratitude.

A Rapé ceremony is all based on your potent and extremely influential intention. You can imagine your mind as a garden, if you will take care of it with love, time, and devotion, you will make it flower. Positive affirmation, self-reflection, and focused intention are the tools you need to take care of your garden. If you apply them every day with love and devotion, you will soon see how strongly you can flower.

In general, this is what is shamanism is about. A big variety of tools are used for healing ceremonies and other rites, such as feathers, drums, sticks, tabaco blowing, chanting etc. The sole reason for all these tools is to simply charge them with intention, which will in turn amplify the healing and/or manifestation. Burning incense, saying a prayer or mantra, focusing ones intention, and taking a snuff of Rapé, are all examples of appreciating the here and now and honoring the plant and your spirit by fully attending the process of reaching your goals.

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