5388 Set of 5 - 25ml bottles (5 Kaxinawa)

Kaxinawa Bonatur
This Rapé was made by a Cacique (chief) of a village in the smallest tribal land of Acre state. This preparation of Rapè is made with organic Moi Tabaco and a special herb from their culture and region called Bonatura. This Rapè has a most prestigious and wonderful scent as well as a pleasant aftertaste. Not to be missed. They say it cools the mind and the head. An renowned recipe from the Pajé Teta Puã. Not to be missed. You can find this item here.

Kaxinawa Forca
One of the most popular and sought after Rapé’s we have to date. This batch of Força is amazingly sharp and an extremely clear vibrational Rapé that forcefully brings peace of mind and grounding to the user. The Kaxinawa people are some of the most experimental tribes when it comes to making Rapé: They do not have traditional recipes that would come always as the same, rather they use in numerous plants and different ashes in their mixtures. It is predominantly Murici ashes that characterise this Rapé. You can find this item here.

Kaxinawa Uricuri
This Rapé contains only Tabaco and the ashes of the Uricuri palm. It is made by a member of the Hunikuin tribe which learned the art of making Rapé from his father and grandfather. They have been living for many generations on the shores of the Tarauacá river in Acre. The Uricuri palm is found only in Acre and used to make spears and arrows for hunting and for war. The indigenous name is Tashka and is understood by most tribes in that region, and means spear. The Hunikuin people have been using the ash of this plant in their Rapé's since mythological times. It makes a strong, dark and unusual Rapé. You can find this item here.

Kaxinawa Lourinho
This is a delightful and rare green Rapé. Made with a special undisclosed mixture of local herbs from the Huni Kuin tradition and Sabia Tabaco. This a good Rapé for use in ceremony, when a person gets taken by dizziness or strong unmanageable energies. This Rapé is indicated to clear away the negative energy and release the person of this accumulation of tension. This Rapé was made by a student of their traditions and already a great knower of plants and herbs. You can find this item here.

Kaxinawa Xacapandare
Xacapandaré is a very rare and hard to find herb from their tradition They says that this Rapé helps to open the mind, take away bad feelings, and expel evil spirits. The Rapé is made with Tsunu ashes and only a very small quantity of high-quality Sabiá Tabaco and as such a good solution for those who want to take it easy on the Tabaco. You can find this item here.

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