5386 Set of 5 - 10ml bottles ( 5 Nukini)

Nukini Yemanja
A beautiful powerful Rapé from the Nukini Rapé masters bring the force of their Rapé blended with the softness of white roses. Another masterful Rapé that brings the power of the feminine in this mystery of the sacred Tabaco. This Rapé is crafted with Tabaco de Corda, Tsunu and white roses. After studying the medicines, the right lunar position and so on they made a just beautiful medicine. Almost silky in texture and smelling friendly. Yet, the sting is surprisingly intense and gentle at the same time. You can find this item here.

Nukini Floresta
This wonderful Rapé is for profound emotional journeying and for connecting with one´s inner spirit. Its effect is highly uplifting and deeply cleansing. The women of the Nukini are creating this sacred blend and flavor it with a pleasant and perfumed scent. The feminine energy travels deep inside any emotional blockages and brings thorough cleansing and clarity on spiritual, emotional, and physical levels. One of the new ingredients in this blend is Eucalyptus. You can find this item here.

Nukini Mulata
This strong Rapé is made with Moy Tabaco, Parika ashes, and a herb called Mulatinha. This Rapé helps to calm the nerves, and relax in general. So we have a power Rapé with a nerve calming quality, good for strong deep meditation and concentration. This preparation offers a fine, sweet and extremely rounded experience, with a high frequency scent of jungle flowers. You can find this item here.

Nukini Trevo Cumaru
A powerful Rapé from our favourite supplier in Brazil. Made with local dark Tabaco and Parika ashes, and Trevo Cumaru (Justicia pectoralis). Sometimes referred to as Chambá, The dried leaves contain compounds that produce a Vanilla-like smell. The Wajacas (shamans) refer to the leaves of the Justicia pectoralis as "Bolek-Bena" meaning "Leaves of the Angel of Death". You can find this item here.

Nukini Forca
Exceptional and highly praised. This is the most wanted Rapé of all times. Nukini Forca is a strong and flowery Rapé, made with love and devotion by the Nukini tribe in Acre. It carries subtle jungle smells, and is a perfect Rapé for a powerful emotional journey. Besides it’s fragrant smell and its powerful female energy, this is an ideal Rapé for finding balance on all levels: emotional, physical, and mental. After effects are thoroughly grounding. You can find this item here.

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