5317 Set of 4 - 25 ml bottles (4 Kaxinawa)

Kaxinawa Bonatur
This Rapé was made by a Cacique (chief) of a village in the smallest tribal land of Acre state. This preparation of Rapè is made with organic Moi Tabaco and a special herb from their culture and region called Bonatura. This Rapè has a most prestigious and wonderful scent as well as a pleasant aftertaste. Not to be missed. They say it cools the mind and the head. An renowned recipe from the Pajé Teta Puã. Not to be missed. You can find this item here.

Kaxinawa Kupy
This Kaxinawa tribal Rapé was made by two shamans. This Rapé has a wonderful Chocolate and Mint-like aroma that almost resembles to that of ice cream. Very rare and we have never come across such a delightful sweet aromatic tribal blend. It can be considered a mild but full and allround Rapé. Sourced by a traveler that made friends with remote settlements in the forests of Acre, Brazil. You can find this item here.

Kaxinawa Yapa
This rare Rapé from the Kaxinawa tribe was made by two Rapé makers, sons of the main village shaman who is around 80 years old. This Rapé contains a herb called Shishitza, Yapa tree ash, and Moi Tabaco. Shishitza herb is used to harmonize the body and to attract positive thinking. It's effects are gentle, a user used to strong varieties may find it subtle however there is a beautiful sense of relaxed clarity that goes with this Rapé. You can find this item here.

Kaxinawa Osha
Kaxinawa Osha is blended by ourselves using Kaxinawa Rapè base featuring Murici and Cacao and a measured amount of powdered Osha root and liquid extract of it. The Rapè has a medium-dark grey complexion and has a distinct sharp, warming and bitter aroma imparted by the Osha root. The immediate effect is relatively sharp, causing immediate eye watering. Once the nose is blown it feels very clearing on the sinus and breathing, leaving the distinct warm aroma behind. You can find this item here.

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