5315 Set of 4 - 25 ml bottles (4 Tribes)

Shanenawa Floresta
An amazingly sharp Rapé, causing an immediate buzzing pain, and watering eyes. An excellent array of aromas are experienced, sweet, rustic, spicey, almost flowery. Although it looks like a semi brown Rapé, its energy is much like a typical grey Rapé. A high frequency with rich notes and not too heavy on the Tabaco. You can find this item here.

Katukina Mugulun
This sandy grey Rapè is a creation of the family of chief Fernando of the Katukina. It is made with the seeds and ashes of the Mugulun tree (Mulungu). It is a great choice for a user that is looking for something more relaxing than intense. It gently tunes one into a more receptive state and doesn't overwhelm one physically leaving the user capable of movement and activity. A great Rapè to use before conversing with others as it opens the heart and clears the mind. You can find this item here.

Kuntanawa Flor de Jarina
A popular, powerful and flowery Rapé from the Kuntanawá tribe. Very cleansing and forcefully grounding. Ideal for balancing energies and obtaining peace of mind. Flor de Jarina is a much appreciated Rapé among the Kuntanawa's; they say that the Jarina flowers make them invisible to enemies, spiritual and physical ones, and the flowers keep the enemies far away. You can find this item here.

Yawanawa Kapakuru
This Yawanawa Rape is named after its creator. Kapakuru is a member of the Aldeia (village) of Nova Esperanza in the Yawanawà tribal lands where he works as a school teacher. Kapakuru follows the basic Yawanawà recipe of Tabaco and ashes made from the bark of the Tsunu tree. This fine Rapé can be considered reasonably powerful and has strong expelling properties. in some cases sneezing can be expected. You can find this item here.

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