5308 Set of 4 - 10 ml bottles (9 Tribes)

Katukina Cumaru Grey
This tribal Rapè from the Katukina is similar to Katukina Cumaru, though this one is much more grey in appearance and effect. It contains ashes from Cumaru bark (Dipteryx odorata). Cumaru is also known as the Tonka bean tree and has a long tradition of being used as a flavourful ingredient in snuffs, sweets, and foods. Not much information came with this rare and genuine Rapé. You can find this item here.

Kaxinawa Xina
This rare tribal Kaxinawa (Huni Kuin) Rapé contains the herb Xina Inivati, Yapa tree ash, and Moi Tabaco. Xina Inivati is said by the shaman to be used for spiritual cleansing. It is a Rapè that is light brown in colour with aromatic Moi Tabaco tones. It's flavour and taste contains intriguing notes of other forest plants. It provides a short flash in the sinus followed by a highly focussed afterglow. You can find this item here.

Puyanawa Pixuri
This new blend from the Puyanawa tribe uses Corda Tabaco and Murici ashes combined with a herb called Pixuri giving it a pleasent scent and a special character. The initial effects are mild and warming progressively building to a intense burning sensation. Lots of sneezing can be expected, expulsion of mucus as well as itching and tickling of the nose. Afterwards a calm state and mental clarity surrounds the user and the nose feels clear of debri. Very opening for the sinuses and leaves the user with the ability to breath deep fresh air. You can find this item here.

Shanenawa Shawa
This unique tribal Rapè is from the Shanenawa tribe. It contains a herb called Shina Shawa, Mapu Kuma tree ash and Tabaco de Corda. It is a darker grey Rapè that gives a moderate initial hit, some element of hotness that leaves a peppery afterglow in the sinuses. The experience is clearheaded and not too heavy. Larger doses cause immediate eye watering and keep the user stationary but do not overload the users balance or make the user too wobbly. You can find this item here.

Yawanawa Shaneihu
A very special Rapé. Comparable with the Rapé "Shaneihu Dieta" from the same maker. This Rapé imparts a gentle warming with the Tabaco coming through with an almost peppery sensation. It is a very calming, meditative and pleasantly persistent in effect. This Rapé was made by Shaneihu Yawanawa. He is a very talented musician and his CD Kanaro can be found here. This new batch is not made during the dieta but still is made with the correct prayers, intention and knowledge of someone initiated the proper way. You can find this item here.

Arara Sanu
Arara Sanu has a sharpness and intensity unlike most other blends. As with many grey types this preparation is initially very strong in the first instance, then becomes very manageable after the stinging effects have resided. This is due to the nature of the ashes. This preparation could be perfect for adding ones own personal preference of Tabaco varieties, calming down the effects of the ashes and heightening the effects of the chosen Tabaco. Very similar to the grey Tsunu varieties. You can find this item here.

Orchid Fever
Orchid Fever is a unique Rapé, aromatised with fresh Vanilla pods and a very high quality aromatic Coffee. The sharpness, the uplifting flavour and rustic and pleasant aroma gives this Rapé powerful effects, leaving a divinely flavoured aftertaste and a subtle but unique feeling afterwards. This Rapé can be divinely healing and cleansing, and calming and focussing at the same time. After the initial phase a rise in temperature occurs and a type of subtle floral fever overtakes the body giving warm tones throughout the physical system. Orchid Fever literally washes over the user and clears away any negative energies lingering in the subconscious. You can find this item here.

This unique and highly praised Rapé is called Clarity. A famous non-tribal Rapé. It is one of the most popular and sought after Rapé that we blended ourselves. The name Clarity dates back from 2012 when we first started experimenting and creating our own Rapé blends. This Rapé is part of the trinity, together with Orchid Fever and Pineal Flush. The new batch Clarity 8.0 is again a masterpiece. The choice of Tabaco and ashes give this batch a very rounded and grounding feeling. We hope you will like this Rapé as much as we do. The new Clarity 8.0 is composed of Arapiraca, Moy and Mapacho Tabaco, Ashes of Cumaru, Canela de Velho, and Cacao. Countless sacred and secret aromatic ingredients and essences, the most prominent of which are several aromas from the Mint family and Cacao, are also part of this blend. During it's patient and time-consuming creation it was infused with the intention of reaching unlimited clarity of mind and full awareness of the present, giving rise to its name ‘Clarity’. This Rapé carries an ethereal sparkling fresh and pungent, yet earthy and grounding flavour that will leave a deep odour memory trace, and a uniquely sweet chocolate aftertaste. It is strong and slicing on the inset and should be used with moderation, especially inexperienced people might find it painful and shocking at a large dose. Although it is not a traditional Rapé from the Amazon, the name Clarity has left a strong trace of popularity. It has become in great demand by Rapé users and South American tribal people and shamans alike. Clarity is extremely strong and crystal clear, blowing the mind with absolute awareness and lucidity as if mind, body, and spirit become highly synchronised, enabling a completely new focus. Furthermore, due to the content of mint-like plants, Clarity supports clearing the sinuses and opening channels that bring about spiritual healing and cleansing. Due to its potency, some users might experience a cold burning sensation, watering of the eyes, sneezing and mucus excretion. The pain of this cleansing process however passes quickly and the user is left with opened breathing channels and sinuses, and with an extremely clear focus and lucid mind. The procedure of making this extraordinary blend is not by following numbers or a recipe. While using the same base ingredients, the finest aromas and tones are added by intuition and feeling in a patient process. This blend can never be exactly repeated and is unique in its frequency. You can find this item here.

Kaxinawa Cumaru
A deeply intense and strong dark style Rapé Cumaru. Extremely grounding and it has the ability to put the user into deep trance like state. In some occasions it can cause deep nausea and detoxification. As with the Canela De Velho, purging is quite possible, yet the aftertaste although quite pleasant, is extremely strong and can cause a continuous stream of phlegm in the throat. Intention and setting have an important role in the administration of this Rapé and one should take time and space to prepare for its effects. You can find this item here.

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