5306 Set of 4 - 10 ml bottles (4 Tribes)

Katukina Parica Cumaru
Much like other Cumaru varietes this blend is extremely strong. It has a dark sandy colour and a fantastic aroma. Once the immediate intensity drops away one feels deeply relaxed and in a calm state of being for many hours. The first moments can be extremely intense and some purging and a lot of sneezing is possible. Overall the experience is very comforting and after such an intense start it completely shakes away any and all background chatter and helps calms the mind. You can find this item here.

Kaxinawa Osha
Kaxinawa Osha is blended by ourselves using Kaxinawa Rapè base featuring Murici and Cacao and a measured amount of powdered Osha root and liquid extract of it. The Rapè has a medium-dark grey complexion and has a distinct sharp, warming and bitter aroma imparted by the Osha root. The immediate effect is relatively sharp, causing immediate eye watering. Once the nose is blown it feels very clearing on the sinus and breathing, leaving the distinct warm aroma behind. You can find this item here.

Orchid Fever
Orchid Fever is a unique Rapé, aromatised with fresh Vanilla pods and a very high quality aromatic Coffee. The sharpness, the uplifting flavour and rustic and pleasant aroma gives this Rapé powerful effects, leaving a divinely flavoured aftertaste and a subtle but unique feeling afterwards. This Rapé can be divinely healing and cleansing, and calming and focussing at the same time. After the initial phase a rise in temperature occurs and a type of subtle floral fever overtakes the body giving warm tones throughout the physical system. Orchid Fever literally washes over the user and clears away any negative energies lingering in the subconscious. You can find this item here.

Shanenawa Floresta
An amazingly sharp Rapé, causing an immediate buzzing pain, and watering eyes. An excellent array of aromas are experienced, sweet, rustic, spicey, almost flowery. Although it looks like a semi brown Rapé, its energy is much like a typical grey Rapé. A high frequency with rich notes and not too heavy on the Tabaco. You can find this item here.

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