5305 Set of 4 - 10 ml bottles (4 Tribes)

Arara Sanu
Arara Sanu has a sharpness and intensity unlike most other blends. As with many grey types this preparation is initially very strong in the first instance, then becomes very manageable after the stinging effects have resided. This is due to the nature of the ashes. This preparation could be perfect for adding ones own personal preference of Tabaco varieties, calming down the effects of the ashes and heightening the effects of the chosen Tabaco. Very similar to the grey Tsunu varieties. You can find this item here.

Katukina Eucalypto
Katukina Eucalypto is made using ashes from the Pau Pereira tree that helps give protection and strength to the overall system. The addition of a subtle amount of Eucalyptus ashes gives this Rapé a clean and clearing aroma and effect. It has a variety of subtle effects with minimal residue making its way downwards into the throat. Hardly any eye watering is noticed and the after effects are relaxed and reflective mentally, as well as the protective feeling of the body from the Pau Pereira which provides a strong grounding and steady centre. You can find this item here.

Kaxinawa Uricuri
This Rapé contains only Tabaco and the ashes of the Uricuri palm. It is made by a member of the Hunikuin tribe which learned the art of making Rapé from his father and grandfather. They have been living for many generations on the shores of the Tarauacá river in Acre. The Uricuri palm is found only in Acre and used to make spears and arrows for hunting and for war. The indigenous name is Tashka and is understood by most tribes in that region, and means spear. The Hunikuin people have been using the ash of this plant in their Rapé's since mythological times. It makes a strong, dark and unusual Rapé. You can find this item here.

Yawanawa Kapakuru
This Yawanawa Rapé is named after its creator. Kapakuru is a member of the Aldeia (village) of Nova Esperanza in the Yawanawà tribal lands where he works as a school teacher. Kapakuru follows the basic Yawanawà recipe of Tabaco and ashes made from the bark of the Tsunu tree. This fine Rapé can be considered reasonably powerful and has strong expelling properties. in some cases sneezing can be expected. You can find this item here.

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