5304 Set of 4 - 10 ml bottles (4 Tribes)

Katukina Pau Pereira
This Rapè from the Katukina is light brown and very fine and is indicated for meditation or the discharge of energies. Previous Pau Pereira preparations have become known as some of the strongest and most consistent available. This blend from the Katukina is no less powerful. Immediate eye watering and overwhelming effects run throughout the course of the application. From the first until the last moment it continues to do its healing. You can find this item here.

Kaxinawa Kupy
This Kaxinawa tribal Rapé was made by two shamans. This Rapé has a wonderful Chocolate and Mint-like aroma that almost resembles to that of ice cream. Very rare and we have never come across such a delightful sweet aromatic tribal blend. It can be considered a mild but full and allround Rapé. Sourced by a traveler that made friends with remote settlements in the forests of Acre, Brazil. You can find this item here.

Kuntanawa Pedro
This rare tribal Rapé is made with locally produced organic Moy Tabaco (Nicotiana Rustica) and the ashes of Parika (Commiphora leptophloeos), a traditional antibacterial ingredient from the Amazon. This variety of Rapè has a strong inital sting followed by a widening on the nostrils which leads to a calming and relaxed state of being. Its creamy undertones and flowery overtones bring the user into a clear headed state of awareness and the channels feel clean and open to fresh air. You can find this item here.

Yawanawa Shaneihu
A very special Rapé. Comparable with the Rapé "Shaneihu Dieta" from the same maker. This Rapé imparts a gentle warming with the Tabaco coming through with an almost peppery sensation. It is a very calming, meditative and pleasantly persistent in effect. This Rapé was made by Shaneihu Yawanawa. He is a very talented musician and his CD Kanaro can be found here. This new batch is not made during the dieta but still is made with the correct prayers, intention and knowledge of someone initiated the proper way. You can find this item here.

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