4378 Set of 6 - 25 ml bottles (6 tribes)

Kaxinawa Verde
An exquisite Rapé. This very rare and genuine tribal Rapé called Kaxinawá Verde has been produced especially for spiritual cleansing and positive energy flow. It has a very different aroma than most, and contains mostly a plant locally known as Xina Iniuati, which gives it its green colour. This particular Rapé has been prepared by a shaman in his early 40’s who is learning alongside his brothers from their father, a well respected shaman of the Jaguar clan. This Rapé is powerful and extremely intense. A lot of residue is forced from the body and much phlegm is ejected after the initial effect. Overpowering flavor and tendency to find its way into the back of the throat are to be expected.

Kuntanawa Cumaru
This delicate Kuntanawa medicine was crafted with local organic Moi Tabaco, ashes from the Sapota tree and Cumaru seeds giving it it´s sweet scent. This is a Rapé for concentration that gives us strength and firmness in the spiritual world and opens the gates to spiritual concentration. Cumaru is also a very strong anti-inflammatory medicine. All medicines have their strength and their power, Cumaru has the power to give firmness, because it is a very big tall tree with a huge crown, he gives us “Astral Firmness”. There are many Rapés produced, with only a few varieties containing Cumaru. There are different parts of the tree that are used in Rapé. The two main species are Cumaru Verdadeiro (Dipteryx Odorata) and Cumaru de Cheiro (Amburana cearensis and Amburana acreana), "true Cumaru" and "scented Cumaru", also called Imburana, Emburana or Amburana. Regionally most species are known by popular names and many times different botanical species have the same popular names in different regions. This confuses many people researching Rapé ingredients. As we can see True Cumaru has Odorata in its scientific name which also indicates it smells and the seeds are what they call Tonka Beans that actually smell stronger then Ambuarana seeds and to make it even more confusing are used of the same purpose and the end product, like Snuff or Cigars scented with them are called Amburana. Rapé is also made with Cumaru ashes, of both types but more commonly of the True version. This Rapé was blended with the seeds of True Cumaru that grows abundantly in the region. Both types contain Cumarine and are considered beneficial for respiratory problems; a tea can be made from the bark and the seeds of the Cumaru de Cheiro that is a well-known folk medicine for bronchitis. Like all medicinal plants in the indigenous universe there are physical medicinal healing properties and spiritual ones and something so wonderfully scented as Tonka Beans can only attract good things!

Yawanawa Pau Pereira
This very highly praised Yawanawa Pau Pereira Rapé is one of the strongest and most popular and sought after of all kinds. This is of the highly praised older batch that is now sold out. Due to the strength this Rapé has the power to overcome the user, and can lead to an instant detoxification of phlegm and mucus. Watering of the eyes and overwhelming effects are expected. small to medium doses are recommended as larger doses can be intense. Tendency to purge is quite common as the overall effect is immensely strong. The duration of effects produced by this Pau Pereira Rapé can last for many minutes and a seated position is recommended. A powerful and very popular Rapé blend. Although not a traditional Rapé, the ingredients themselves are all collected from the indigenous tribes and prepared using new techniques and post modern shamanic rituals to intensify the power and intentions of the user.

Katukina Cumaru
This genuine Katukina Rapé is rare. A unique and highly praised powerful Rapé from a friend in the Katukina tribe from deep inside the jungle, in a village in the Tarauaca municipality. It was blended by a Pajé elder and his son. Rapé is part of their long ancestry and in general they tend to administer this medicine to themselves daily, usually in large amounts. Its said that the Katukina commune with the spirit of the Tobacco to discover cures for their patients who travel vast distances to receive direct healing from them. Cumaru is applied mainly to cure a sickness of the body. Contains also Tabaco Corda and Moi, and ash of Tsunu tree bark. At low doses Cumaru is still fully active and powerful. The physical and mental effects are very strong and can overwhelm the user if care is not taken. This Cumaru has a strong and powerful flavor and the eyes water immediately. Especially in the first moments. The Rapé is darker in colour than most due to the ashes of the Tonka bean tree bark and has a beautiful scent akin to the Tonka beans' own flavor. Cumaru easily finds its way into the back of the throat and purging is likely. A deeply grounding and earthing experience.

Puyanawa Forca
An exceptionally strong Rapé created by a close friend, who was exchanging and studying with some of the Amazonian tribes peoples in 2015. All the base ingredients were collected from the indigenous themselves and then mixed in the traditional way. This Rapé is much deeper and more intense in effects than his other varieties, the Puyanawa has an extremely strong, prolonged and powerful effect on the user. We recommend a quiet set and setting for its administration. This Rapé can find its way into the back of the throat and some purging and deep removal of phlegm is possible. This Rapé opens up the channels easily and allows for a deeply invigorated flow of breath after the removal of residual phlegm and mucus. Small doses are recommended with this particular Puyanawa. An intensely powerful blend with deep cleansing abilities make this another highly esteemed Rapé for advanced users.

Matses Nunu
This distinctive and potent snuff is not called Rapé. It is called Nunu, and is composed by the Matsés tribe, which are also known as the Mayoruna (the Quechan word for ‘river people’) and live in the amazon at the border of Brazil and Peru, on both sides. There is a river called the Yaquerana river, which runs through their land and establishes the border between the two countries, but for the Mates borders do not exist. They say “We know no borders”. For them the division of land seems to be somewhat unnatural. Their tribe is known for their impeccable strength and courage for they have stood up against big industries like the oil and wood industry from Canada to stop them from depleting and destroying their precious earth. (http://www.survivalinternational.de/matses). This tribe compromises around 2,200 members and mainly survives through gathering and hunting. The fight against those big companies is not over yet and the Matses are ready to stand their ground once more as they say. The Matsés hold an intimate connection with the jungle and the nature that surrounds them, they know all the plants, and some say, they can even talk with animals. For them all animals and plants have a soul and can either harm or heal the humans. Through their natural way of living they are trying to preserve and broaden the knowledge of their forefathers. Plants such as Ayahuasca, or the use of Kambo and also Nunu are tools for them to keep the bond with the matrix of their ancestors, which from their perspective is the immediate environment. As the Matsés value Nunu for its hunting tool potential, they perceive this sacrament as a masculine tool and therefore, Nunu is only used by men who want to gain warrior power, energy, and courage. Only during special celebrations and ceremonies, female tribe members are included in the rituals. Their language is from the Panoan language family. People would usually recognize the Matses through their hash-mark tattoos that circle around their mouths, go down their cheeks and up to their ears. In addition to that they would wear bamboo splits in their nose (women) or upper lip (men) that would altogether give them the appearance of being jaguar. (Gorman, 2010) Their belief is that if they look like the jaguar, then they will also hunt like the jaguar. Not many tribes still keep this fashion alive today. The Matses differ between those tribes that have been contacted by the white man and those tribes, the so-called “uncontacted” tribes that still live deep in the jungle avoiding to be contacted. Through the sharpening of all senses, due to its powerful slicing effect the user of this snuff can experience subtle fragrances of the deep jungle and literally sense the forest and its spirits. Apart from hunting, Nunu can also be used to clear sinuses and blockages within the head, and often finds a ritualistic use during Ayahuasca ceremonies or during Kambo ceremony. Moreover, this snuff carries a divinely masculine spirit that will bring deep grounding, clear focus, and a strong aiming of your mind. Users of grey Rapé types may need to administer much larger doses of Nunu to have the required effect as the indigenous would use our equivalent to a tea spoon amount per administration. At these levels Nunu can be extremely powerful leaving the user in a highly mediative state. As with all non grey types powder can easily find its way into the back of the throat and some purging may occur.

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