4374 Set of 5 - 25 ml bottles (5 Yawanawa)

Yawanawa Tonka Lush
This delightful Rapé imbibed with the extremely luxurious scent of the Tonka bean seed (Dipteryx odorata) is a very special and rare preparation. It’s a truly beautiful and profoundly grounding Rapé that also has strong antibacterial properties. This sacred medicine is meant for deep alignment with one’s spirit and for reaching a meditative state that brings clarity and healing. A balanced and powerful blend that can be used in many healing and ritual settings. It is dark grey in colour and the Tonka bean imparts an uplifting, refreshing fragrance that is both cooling and warming simultaneously and gives one a deeper sensation of the breath as well as a gentle bodily relaxation driven with pulsations of pleasure as one sits in quiet reflection with this Rapé. It has a depth without being overbearing, ensuring this Rapé can be used on many occasions. This is a variation of the famous Yawanawa Parika, following the exact same recipe, yet with the right amount of Tonka bean seeds added into the blend during production. It has been pounded by hand, into an extremely fine and dry powder using laboratory grade sieves.

Yawanawa Canela Do Velho
This exquisite Rapé is one of the strongest of all the Rapé types available. Deep and intensely grounding as well as extremely strong, and in most cases, overwhelming. The user should find a comfortable space to administer with some time to process the effects. This variety would suit the more experienced user of Rapé’s. This is a new Rapé preparation made from traditional ingredients obtained from the Yawanawá, but mixed in a new post shamanic fashion by a magician who understands the respect and honour needed to work with these plant spirits. Varied doses produce a range of healing and cleansing properties. In most cases it would be wise to start with as little as possible and increase as one gains more experience. Purging is quite possible and the after taste although quite pleasant is extremely strong and can cause a continuous stream of phlegm in the throat. Watering of the eyes is almost certain. Intention and setting should play an important aspect in the administration of this Rapé and one should take time and space to prepare for its effects. In other words: It is strong.

Yawanawa Imburana
A very rare Rapé. This slightly oily, yet very finely powdered blend makes for another strong, traditional Rapé from the Yawanawá tribe. This strong blend with tobacco, Amburana seeds, spices and added ashes enters with intense vibrations and a strong burning sensation. This initial sensation can initiate eye watering. A calm vibration remains for a while and is followed by a surge of focus and clarity, that flows into a calmness of the mind. A very pleasant taste and smell will linger for quite some time, making it a strong, intense, yet friendly Rapé to use. Some users receive a very strong experience, so it is best used in a sitting position. Great for meditational purposes. This was another exquisitely powerful Rapé from our close friend who lives in Brazil and is exchanging with the Yawanawa tribes people. All the base ingredients were collected from the indigenous themselves and then mixed in the traditional way, resulting in a forceful neo-shamanic Rapé. This rare Rapé is no longer for sale and only available in this set.

Yawanawa Nawashahu
This exquisite preparation has deeply flowery tones and the user is left with a clear and fresh state of being after the effects have resided. But it may take more than an hour before one can leave the relaxed, thoughtless and timeless space and mindstate, after applying a dose, small or large. Advised is to sit in a comfortable sofa when using this Rapé, forgetting time and matter altogether.. Although powerful as with many of the Yawanawà Rapè's this blend seems to nurture the user. A deeply relaxing state of being is reached through powerful expelling of phleghm and mucus. Nawashahu is another beautiful feminine Rapé from the Yawanawa tradition, named after the woman who created it. Nawashahu is one of the daughters of Biraci and Putany. Biraci is leader of the Yawanawà, and her mother is the first woman initiated into the Yawanawà spiritual tradition. Nawa is a great composer, channel and singer of medicine songs in the ceremonies of the tribe and has become one of very few women who make their own Rapé. She follows the basic Yawanawà recipe of Tabaco and ashes made from the bark of the Tsunu tree.

Yawanawa Cumaru
A deeply intense and strong dark Yawanawá style Rapé containing Tobacco and Tonka Bean Tree (Cumaru) ashes. Yawanawá Cumaru is extremely grounding and has the ability to put the user into deep trance like states. It easily makes it way into the back of the throat, and in some occasions can cause deep nausea and detoxification. As with the Canela De Velho, purging is quite possible and the aftertaste although quite pleasant is extremely strong and can cause a continuous stream of phlegm in the throat. Intention and setting have an important role in the administration of this Rapé and one should take time and space to prepare for its effects.

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