Tribal Rapé, Mapacho, Kambo, Sananga, Shamanic Tools & Incenses

4258 Set of 4 - 25 ml bottles (4 Kaxinawa)

Kaxinawa Forca
One of the most popular and sought after Rapé’s we have to date. Rapé with ashes of Murici is a traditional recipe from the Kaxinawá. This batch of their Força is amazingly sharp and an extremely clear vibrational Rapé that forcefully brings peace of mind and grounding to the user. It is predominantly Murici ashes that characterise this Rapé. Murici is anti-inflammatory and is good against infections of the throat and mouth. The initial sensation is that of a sharp nail entering the centre of senses with force, that instantly blanks out any mind activity. It opens the sinuses as energy vibrates through the body leaving with a clear mind and a comfortable buzz. A definite favourite of the many who have used it, in high or low doses. Barely any makes its way to the throat, and being a very fine powder it tends to absorb directly into the vessels of the nose. Very calming after effects with a subtle pressure behind the eyes. Excellent to be used in the evening and to gain focus and power. Barely any physical purging is noticeable to the user but the mind is cleared instantly leaving a calm and serene state. As with all Força preparations, this high standard of authentic Rapé continues to excel above the rest.

Kaxinawa Huni Kuin
Created by the Kaxinawa or Huni Kuin tribe with the intention of pure healing to achieve strength, grounding, and focus. Kaxinawa Rapé is said to be infused with the spirits of the jungle and is for giving a sensation of receiving warrior power. This blend has been prepared by two of the most influential and respected shamans of the tribe and gives a strong, uplifting and sometimes even overwhelming effect. Take time and space to prepare and recover from the experience. This powerful tool is known to provide profound cleansing and grounding to the local indigenous tribe members, by removing any unwanted energies and providing re-alignment. During the cleansing, any residual phlegm will be removed from the sinuses and throat. If the body is too congested with toxins, it is possible that nausea and vomiting occur as after effect. If used in the correct ritual setting, this Rapé will stimulate unexpected energies from within and it will surface a strong sense of grounded perspective. Expect immediate watering of the eyes.

Kaxinawa Verde
An exquisite Rapé. This very rare and genuine tribal Rapé called Kaxinawá Verde has been produced especially for spiritual cleansing and positive energy flow. It has a very different aroma than most, and contains mostly a plant locally known as Xina Iniuati, which gives it its green colour. This particular Rapé has been prepared by a shaman in his early 40’s who is learning alongside his brothers from their father, a well respected shaman of the Jaguar clan. This Rapé is powerful and extremely intense. A lot of residue is forced from the body and much phlegm is ejected after the initial effect. Overpowering flavour and tendency to find its way into the back of the throat are to be expected.

Kaxinawa Special
A very rare Rapé. A special blend from the Kaxinawa. Sourced by a traveler that made friends in remote settlements in the forests of Acre, Brazil. This high energy and very appealing Rapé seems to modulate energy around the temples of the head and calms the mind of chatter and distractions. Very mild at first with a warming energy that grows into a clear open awareness of the present. A good starting point for those wishing to experience Rapè for the first time and equally it is sought after by those looking for something different and rare. The fine powder absorbs well into the nostrils and is easy to blow out afterwards. Overall a very nurturing and gentle Rapè with its own special qualities.

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