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Copaíba, Andiroba & Babaçu from Brazil (SKU 3936)

This soap contains Andiroba and Copaiba oils that are obtained by the saponification of Babaçu palm nut and Andiroba oils with the Copaiba oil added afterwards. Andiroba and Copaiba oils are two medicinal oils widely used in Brazilian for internal and external problems. Andiroba is extracted from the seeds of the tree, native to the Amazon. It has been used for centuries by the tribes of the region for its anti-inflamatory, anti septic, healing and hydrating properties. It is used on the skin for wounds, rashes, eczemas and is used as a hair oil. Copaiba (copaifera langsdorffii) is also native to the Amazon region, it was known by the Incas as the tree of life and produces a miracle oil used for innumerous therapeutic properties, from taking it for respiratory ailments to healing wounds amazingly well. The interesting thing is that technically it is not oil but a resin, the sap of the tree. The anti-inflammatory, anti-biotic, anti-fungicide, healing and anti bactericide properties of these two oils are transferred to this soap and thus creating a soap wonderful for different skin problems. Babaçu is a palm nut native to the Amazon and Cerrado that makes oil in some aspects similar to coconut oil. It has particular smell and is very hydrating and alimenting the skin.

This line of natural soaps is all cold processed using only natural ingredients, as much as possible from the Brazillian Amazon and Cerrado biospheres. Many of these ingredients will be familiar to you from different products from the region like Rapé and medicinal tinctures to food items or incenses; others will be new to you.

Maria José, who makes these soaps and other natural indigenous cosmetics, is a pharmacist with nearly 20 years of professional experience in phytotherapy. Apart from her professional experience it is also a personal passion and a spiritual journey. A few years ago she started to make these soaps and has dedicated a big part of her time now to experimenting new formulas and ingredients from indigenous and traditional sources to benefit the skin and person as a whole. Most of her ingredients come from small producers, either indigenous or traditional communities like the so called Ribeirinhos that live on the banks of the Amazonian rivers and collectors in the Cerrados, Savanas, of Brasil. To give an exemple the Pequi oil she uses comes from the Kisedjé tribe in the Xingu region of Mato Grosso state where she recently went in cooperation with the NGO ISA to teach the cold process soap system to the community. (photos included). The Tsunu comes from the Yawanawá and the Dragon's blood is collected by non-indigenous sustainable forest dwellers, just to give a few examples. We are now bringing in cooperation with Katukina the first few recipes and products and hopefully more will follow in the future.

Simply lovely soap :-)


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