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Kuripe Resin Simple

Marajá, Black from Brazil (SKU 4330)

Handcrafted Kuripe, made from Marajá wood and black epoxy resin, simply decorated. The feel and colour of the resin makes it look like it is made from organic clay. Marajá is a small palm variety and the character of its wood is similar to that of other palms of the region used for traditional handwork by the local tribes. It has many spines and the fruits can be eaten. Marajá is naturally hollow; it is filled with a foam like substance that is easily taken out with a metal tool, thus leaving perfect tube. These artworks are made by our friend Ruddison Vale, a respected artist and Rapé producer from the Kuntanawa tribe, living in the state of Acre, Brazil.

Kuripe (self-applicator) made with Bamboo and resin, simple design. Strong, functional and durable. The feel and colour of the resin makes it look like it is made from organic clay. These wonderful kuripe are produced by a friend of our Rapé producer in Acre, Brazil. Kuripe are used to administer herbal snuffs and powders such as Nu-nu, Rapé and Tobacco snuffs. 

Most of our medicines and handicrafts from the Kuntanawa family are produced at the “Tete Pawã Arts and Medicines” workshop. The workshop is based in the municipality of Marechal Thaumaturgo on the banks of the upper Juruá River close to the border with Peru. Tete Pawã is the indigenous name for the Harpia Eagle in the Pano language, the Gavião Real or Royal Hawk as they call it in Portuguese. Tete is big and Pawã is Eagle. It is one of the most sacred birds in the Indigenous traditions of the region. The project was envisioned by Rudy who with the help of his friends and family members is at the front of this enterprise, all of them dedicated to the spirituality and the medicine traditions of the forest and their ancestors.

We at Katukina have been sponsoring them with tools and machines, support and by spreading their beatiful arts and medicines through our network. They make their handwork and medicines in their workplace but to collect the raw materials a lot more people get involved, and like that the funds get spread around. Someone collects a herb, another burns the ashes for the Rapé and so on.

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