Suco de Rapé Cumaru

Bottle With Sprayer, 11 Ml from Brazil (SKU 4406)

Suco de Rapè Cumaru is a liquid Rapé and Rustica Tabaco blend. Tonka beans and Emburana seeds are used to add a sweet spicey note. The juice has a strong effect on focus and presence, it provides powerful grounding and stops all the chattering of the mind. Advised is to not swallow the remains when it falls in the back of the throat. Bring the phlegm up and spit it out. More information below.

Packed in 11 ml amber glass bottles with nose spray dispenser.

Tabaco juice is a traditional medicine to the indigenous people and it is widely used through the continents by different shamans and healers. Traditionally it is inhaled through the nose from the palm of the hand.

We produce a new and potent liquid extract that is sprayed into the nose with a nasal sprayer. The production and application of the juice of Rapé and Tabaco is developed by us and we have fine tuned the method over many years. We are proud to present a variety of liquid Rapé and Tabaco nasal sprays to our customers.

Suco de Rapé Cumaru is a potent liquid extract. It is made by steeping a blend of 10 varieties of Rapé in a hydro-alcoholic solution for many months. Tonka beans and Emburana seeds are added for a sweet spicy note. Bio alcohol was used in the steeping and extraction phase to ensure stability of the infusion and to stop the natural fermentation process. Following the extraction, the juice is separated by extensive filtering and then slow vacuum evaporation of the solution reduces the liquid into a juicy 1:2 extract. The vacuum reduction involves no heat. Finally the solution is left to settle for 4 months to allow the finest plant particles residue to sink to the bottom, which is then discarded. The result is a high quality concentrated extract and so called "raw" product, that can effectively be used in a nasal sprayer. A small percentage of bio alcohol was added to ensure a limitless shelf life.

The extract ratio is a potent 1:2. This means that 1 kilo Rapé was used to produce 2 liter liquid extract.

Suco de Rapé Cumaru liquid extract comes in 11 ml amber glass bottles, with a nose-spray dispenser included. Also available are 22 ml refill bottles (without sprayer). Apply one or two sprays in each nostril, while holding the sprayer in an angle pointed to the centre of the head. Slightly breathing in through the nose will enhance the entry into the sinuses. It is important to treat each nostril, as both sides have separate properties: the left side is used for expelling negative energy and the right side is used for receiving good energies, balance, and health. Advised is to allow the fluids to go outward by blowing the nose, and that the remains are not swallowed but spit out. It is advised to keep the body upright and not lying down on the back after administering.

The effects are intense and a sudden streak of strong aroma enters the sinuses immediately upon application. This tool is perfect for grounding, and cleansing the channels before and after Rapé use.

Tabaco juice has a strong effect on focus and presence, it provides powerful grounding and stops the chattering of the mind. The juice has a profound cleansing effect on the sinuses and it opens the heart and mind. Find out how to make your own Rapé juice here.

Other names: Mapacho juice, Fluid Ambil

Mapacho is one of the most traditional and most wholesome plants of the Amazon. It is used alone by shamans that specialised in Tabaco (tabaqueros) or it is used in combination with other plants, like Ayahuasca. Another traditional Tabaco use is the use of singa, or Tabaco liquid. Singa is often applied during initiations, crises, and rituals, where it can be snuffed, drunken, or spit over the body of a sick person with according chants. Moreover, singa has sedative or narcotic effects that help to induce a trance state, and in addition, to suck out evil spirits and illnesses in patients.

Shamans that use singa either drink it or snuff the liquid to induce strong visions, like shamans of the Montaña and Guyana region where a tobacco liquid is taken for magico-religious ceremonies. Yet, every tribe has their own particular ways of using and preparing singa, some mix it with other ritualistic plants, like Ayahuasca or Maikoa (Brugmansia), and in other tribes, like the Coto Indians of Peru, only shamans are allowed to snuff singa, whereas other male tribe members are only allowed to drink the juice. The Jivaro of the Montaña became very sophisticated in drinking and preparing Tabaco juice to envision and to communicate with the earth and its spirits (Grimal 1965). Moreover, the Jivaros drink singa during initiations, vision quests, war preparations, and during witchcraft and even female tribe members are allowed to use singa. The Guyana Indians squeeze and steep the leaves in water. Then the liquid can either be drunken or snuffed, depending on their gender: female tribe members drink, whereas male members tend to inhale the liquid. The Tukanos of Columbia and Brazil use singa only during shamanistic rituals, and apply the liquid solely to shamans or apprentices to cause vomiting and eventually narcosis. Some tribes also boil the Tabaco water down into a concentrate and, sometimes they add a thickened Casava starch to the brew in order to get a thick Tabaco paste. This Tabaco paste is licked from the fingers or from a stick. Either way, the strong liquid brings the user very quickly into somnolence and evokes a strong physical reaction, including trembling, vomiting, and nausea, which is considered indispensable to clean and purify the body and mind.

The shamans in the Ecuadorian Montañas drink Tabaco juice to communicate with the spirit world and they inhale Tabaco water to call the Tabaco spirit and ask for help to treat illnesses and relieve hostile energies or supernatural forces. Tobacco shamans from the Campa, drink concentrated Tabaco juice to communicate with and ask for support of spirits during ecstatic trance states. The Tabaco drink allows the shaman to ease the suffering of sick people and of people that have been attacked by dark shamans or evil spirits. Moreover, tribes like the Jivaros use Tabaco juice for several medicinal purposes, including the treatment of indisposition, chills, pulmonary problems, and snake bites.

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